Barista Greenwood Coffee masuk 9 Besar

CBN Fiber Broadband Indonesia AeroPress Championship 2016 adalah sebuah ajang kompetisi terbesar AeroPress yang pertama kali diadakan di Indonesia. Ajang kompetisi yang merupakan bagian dari World AeroPress Championship 2016 ini diselenggarakan oleh ABCD School of Coffee di Clique Kitchen & Bar pada 13-14 Mei 2016.

Sebanyak 81 orang barista, praktisi kopi, dan pecinta kopi dari 21 kota di Indonesia berkompetisi dalam ajang ini. Tidak ketinggalan Fachry Arrafat yang merupakan barista Greenwood Coffee juga ikut mewakili Greenwood coffee dalam ajang tersebut.

Namun takdir mengantarkan Fachry Arafat lolos sampai babak 9 besar CBN Fiber Broadband Indonesia AeroPress Championship 2016. Dan yang beruntung menjadi pemenang dalam ajang perdana ini ialah barista bernama Prawira Adiguna dari Bali.

Pemenang Indonesia AeroPress Championship akan dikirim untuk mewakili Indonesia di World AeroPress Championship 2016 di Dublin, Irlandia.

Semoga di acara kompetisi lain, barista kami dapat ikut berpastisipasi dan tampil lebih baik bahkan bisa jadi juara.


26 Surprising Facts About Coffee

  1. Shepherds discovered coffee in Ethiopia circa 800 A.D. Legend has it that 9th century goat herders noticed the effect caffeine had on their goats, who appeared to “dance” after eating coffee berries. A local monk then made a drink with coffee berries and found that it kept him awake at night, thus the original cup of coffee was born.
  2. Coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth. According to the Global Exchange, there are approximately 25 million farmers in over 50 countries involved in producing coffee. The number one commodity? Oil.
  3. In Italian espresso means “when something is forced out.”
    This refers to the way espresso is made — forcing boiling water through pressed coffee grounds. And, although espresso has more caffeine per volume than coffee, because it’s consumed in smaller quantities, it actually has about a third of the amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee.
  4. Coffee was the first food to be freeze-dried.
    The process of freeze drying — when fresh foods are placed in a dryer where temperatures drop to negative 40 degrees F — first started during World War II to preserve foods.
  5. There are two types of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta.
    Seventy percent of coffee beans are Arabica. Although less popular, Robusta is slightly more bitter and has twice as much caffeine.
  6. The majority of coffee is produced in Brazil.
    Brazil produces 40% of the world’s coffee, which is twice as much as 2nd and 3rd place holders, Colombia and Vietnam.
  7. Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. that commercially grows coffee.
    Kona coffee is the United States’ gift to the coffee world. Because coffee grows best in climates along the equator, Hawaii’s weather is optimal for harvesting coffee beans.
  8. Coffee was originally a food.
    Coffee berries were mixed with fat to create an energy-rich snack ball. It was also consumed as a wine when made from the pulp of coffee berries.
  9. Coffee is actually a fruit.
    Coffee beans as we know them are actually the pits of a cherry-like berry that are grown on bushes. Even though coffee is actually a seed, it’s called a bean because of its resemblance to actual beans.
  10. The world’s most expensive coffee is $600 a pound.
    And it comes from the feces of a Sumatran wild cat. The animal — called a Luwak — is unable to digest coffee beans. In the process of digesting the beans, they are fermented in the stomach. When the beans are excreted, they produce a smooth, chocolaty coffee.
  11. There have been five attempts to ban coffee throughout history.
    Coffee was first banned in Mecca in 1511 because leaders believed it stimulated radical thinking. And, 16th century Italian clergymen tried to ban coffee because they believed it to be “satanic.” However, Pope Clement VII loved coffee so much that he lifted the ban and had coffee baptized in 1600. But Ottoman leader Murad IV took it even further when he ascended the throne in 1623 by creating the first punishments for drinking coffee, which included beatings and being thrown into the sea. In 1746, the Swedish government made it illegal to even have coffee paraphenalia, including cups and dishes. And finally, in 1777, Frederick the Great of Prussia issued a manifesto declaring beer’s superiority over coffee because he believed it interfered with the country’s beer consumption.
  1. You can overdose on coffee.
    However, you would need to drink over 100 cups to consume the lethal dose of caffeine.
  2. New Yorkers drink almost seven times as much coffee as the rest of the U.S.
    However, Finland is the most caffeinated country, where the average adult consumes the equivalent of four or five cups of coffee a day.
  3. Coffee drinkers have a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
    Researchers found that older patients with high levels of caffeine in their blood were more likely to avoid Alzheimer’s. Studies have also shown that caffeine has positive effects on type 2 diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. It has also been shown to protect against skin cancer in women.
  4. Coffee stays warmer when you add cream.
    Coffee with added cream cools about 20% slower than plain black coffee.
  5. But when you add milk, it weakens the effects of caffeine.
    Our bodies absorb coffee much slower when it has added fat milk content, which decreases the stimulants.
  6. The largest cup of coffee ever was brewed in July 2014 in South Korea.
    It was over 3,700 gallons. The largest iced coffee was brewed in Las Vegas in 2010, and was 1,500 gallons — ice not included.
  7. Coffee was brought to New Amsterdam (present day New York City) in the mid-1600s.
    However, it didn’t become very popular until after the Boston Tea Party in 1773. The Civil War and other conflicts helped boost the popularity of coffee.
  8. George Washington invented instant coffee.
    Not that Washington. Chemist George Constant Washington experimented with dried coffee before he created Red E Coffee — the first brand name instant coffee.
  9. Just smelling coffee can wake you up.
    A group of scientists reported that simply inhaling the aroma of coffee can alter the activity of some genes in the brain, reducing the effects of sleep deprivation. And when you do drink that cup of coffee, caffeine reaches your blood fast, like 10 minutes fast.
  10. Dark roast coffees have less caffeine than lighter roasts.
    Even though the flavor is often stronger, roasting actually burns off some of the caffeine.
  11. Decaf does not mean caffeine-free.
    An eight ounce brewed cup of decaf coffee actually has two-to-12 milligrams of caffeine. In comparison, a regular cup of coffee has anywhere from 95 to 200 milligrams. (Twelve ounces of coke only has 23-35 milligrams of caffeine.)
  12. In the United States, 80% of adults consume caffeine every day.
    According to the Food and Drug Administration, the average intake is 200 milligrams, or about two five-ounce cups of coffee.
  13. Americans consume 400 million cups of coffee per day.
    This is the equivalent to 146 billion cups each year, making the U.S. the leading consumer of coffee.
  14. The average worker spends $20 a week on coffee.
    That totals nearly $1,100 annually.
  15. The original definition of coffee means “wine.”
    Coffee’s original name, qahwah, came from the Yemen term for wine. In Turkey it was called kahveh, until the Dutch referred to it as koffie, where we get the English coffee.

Source : 26 Surprising Facts About Coffee

Study Finds More Evidence Coffee Can Be a Life-Saver

DSC00102Researchers have found even more evidence that coffee can be good for you. People who drink regular, moderate amounts of coffee are less likely to die from a range of diseases, from diabetes to heart disease.

The cutoff seems to be around five cups a day, and even decaf coffee helps, the team at Harvard University’s school of public health found.

But even heavy coffee drinking doesn’t appear to offset the damage caused by smoking, they report in the journal Circulation.

“The main message is that regular consumption, meaning three to five cups of coffee a day, is associated with lower risk in total mortality and mortality from several causes like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and suicide,” Frank Hu, a professor of nutrition and epidemiology who helped lead the study, told NBC News.

“In previous studies on that issue, most of the coffee was caffeinated coffee. In our study, both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee showed a lower mortality risk but there is no final conclusion yet.”

Hu and colleagues looked at two giant sources of information: surveys of more than 200,000 doctors and nurses who have regularly updated researchers on their eating and other lifestyle habits and details about their health for more than 20 years.

Coffee drinkers overall were less likely to die over the decades than non-drinkers. The effects were even stronger and clearer when the team discounted smokers. Non-smokers who drank coffee were between 8 and 15 percent less likely to die, depending on how much they drank.

“This is good news for people who drink coffee because the evidence is strong. Drinking coffee may be good for health outcome,” Hu said.

It’s not a clear correlation. People who drink more coffee also are more likely to smoke, drink, and to eat red meat. Other lifestyle habits may also go along with heavy coffee drinking, and the researchers didn’t report on whether people drank their coffee black, with cream, with sugar, or as giant frothy drinks from coffee store chains.


“We are not advocating coffee as a strategy for prevention of the chronic diseases because coffee drinking is individual behavior and there are other factors in the diet that have a bigger effect. People should also be aware of the amount of added sugar to coffee drinks which can become a problem,” Hu said.

What could coffee be doing for health? The dark drink is the No. 1 source in the American diet of antioxidants – those chemical compounds that fight the damage to your DNA caused by day-to-day living.

Other research has found evidence that coffee can help people recover from colon cancer, lower diabetes risk and reduce the inflammation associated with diabetes and heart disease.

Advisers to the U.S. government say new dietary proposals should mention the benefits of coffee, which include protection against diabetes, Parkinson’s and liver cancer.

“The chlorogenic acid, lignans, quinides, trigonelline, and magnesium in coffee reduce insulin resistance and systematic inflammation,” the researchers wrote.

“This is probably the best study we are going to get because of the very large numbers, the inclusion of men and women, and the decades of follow-up,” said cardiologist Dr. Sharonne Hayes of the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, who wasn’t involved in the study.

“The main message is that people who enjoy drinking coffee should not worry about it being harmful for their health,” Hayes told NBC News. “Coffee may actually be beneficial to their health.”

Source: Coffee Can Be a Life-Saver


Ngopi Bareng Keluarga di Greenwood Coffee


Setelah weekdays yang melelahkan, akhir pekan biasanya dihabiskan jalan-jalan bersama keluarga. Bisa rekreasi ke mal, tempat wisata, berenang, bahkan nongkrong bareng keluarga. Nah, bila Bilna Family suka ngopi bersama keluarga dengan suasana yang nyaman dan sejuk, Greenwood Coffee jadi pilihan yang tepat.

Kafe yang terletak di daerah Barito, Jakarta Selatan ini memiliki konsep ‘go green’ dengan ruangan semi terbuka. AC dan pencahayaan berasal dari sumber alami sehingga bisa menghemat listrik. Walau tanpa AC, Greenwood Coffee terasa adem di siang hari karena area makannya dinaungi pohon.

Greenwood Coffee memanjakan para pecinta kopi dengan biji kopi asli yang diambil dari berbagai daerah di Indonesia seperti Papua, Aceh, Jawa Barat, dan lain-lain. Untuk base kopinya, Greenwood Coffee menggunakan biji kopi dari Jawa Barat yaitu Malabar yang diekstrak menggunakan mesin espresso. Baristanya sudah berpengalaman, sehingga tak perlu ragu dengan kualitas kopi yang disajikan.

Selain itu, Greenwood Coffee juga menyediakan minuman yang tidak disertai kopi. Misalnya Hot/Ice Chocolate, Ice Chocomint, Darkchoco Caramel, serta berbagai jenis teh seperti Green Tea Ice Blended, Lychee Tea, Thai Tea, dan lain-lain. Walau tidak menyediakan nasi, kafe ini tetap menyediakan berbagai camilan yang cocok disajikan saat ngopi, misalnya kentang goreng, spageti, dan roti panggang.  Milk shake dan es krim juga tersedia dengan berbagai pilihan rasa.

Anda juga bisa menikmati kopi dingin yang unik dan jadi favorit di sini, yaitu Green Coffee, campuran alpukat dan kopi dengan whipped cream di atasnya. Sementara untuk camilan favoritnya Anda bisa mencicipi honey roasted wings, fish and chips, atau lasagna bolognese.

Suasananya yang tenang, sepi, dan adem dengan berbagai pilihan minuman kopi dan nonkopi serta aneka camilan membuat Greenwood Coffee cocok menjadi tempat menghabiskan quality time Anda bersama keluarga. Yuk, ajak keluarga nongkrong bersama di Greenwood Coffee(SER)

source :

Greenwood Coffee

Alamat: Jl. Radio IV No. 2, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan (tepat di samping Bina Vokalia)

Facebook: greenwood coffee

Twitter: @greenwoodcoffee

Instagram: greenwood_coffee

Jam buka: 10.00-22.00 (weekdays), 10.00-24.00 (weekend)

Range harga makanan & minuman: Rp 15.000-Rp 35.000

Our Menu …

Kami menyediakan beragam pilihan minumam untuk anda. Mulai dari Kopi yang tentunya menjadi andalan kami, sampai dengan chocolate dan beragam teh.


Untuk menemani anda minum Kopi kami juga menyediakan beberapa pilihan snacks.


Kami tunggu di Greenwood Coffee. ENJOY!


Ngopi Hijau di Greenwood Coffee, Jakarta, – Menyeruput secangkir kopi sembari bersenda gurau bersama teman dan kerabat k3629445681f031fb85827d993748fd10ab9d39cb9ini menjadi gaya hidup hampir setiap insan urban, terutama para penikmat kopi di Ibu Kota. Terbukti, kedai kopi favorit yang berada di dalam mal tak pernah sepi pengunjung. Namun, jika bosan menghabiskan waktu di tengah keramaian pusat perbelanjaan, Anda bisa mencoba nongkrong di Greenwood Coffee.

Sesuai namanya, kedai kopi yang mengusung suasana hijau bak kebun mungil di teras rumah ini menawarkan nuansa alam yang tenang nan sejuk untuk menyisip secangkir kopi hangat. Greenwood Coffee mulai melayani pecinta kopi sejak soft launching pada 4 Juni 2015 ini terletak di bilangan Barito, Jakarta Selatan.

“Greenwood Coffee berinisiatif membuat ruangan hijau bernuansa alam di tengah padatnya Jakarta,” curhat Ilham Dwi Khayriyyanto, salah seorang penggagas kedai mungil berkapasitas 16 orang itu. Bersama lima rekan lainnya, Clara, Hengky, Ivan, Ryan, dan Vita tersebut menawarkan sajian kopi yang tak kalah nikmat dengan kedai kopi populer, namun dengan harga yang lebih bersahabat di kantong.

Dengan teknik menggiling biji kopi menjadi bubuk sebelum diseduh atau manual brewing, kopi yang dihidangkan mampu mengunci kesegaran cita rasa khas 100 persen kopi Arabika. Rasa kopi yang dihadirkan dari segala penjuru Indonesia seperti tanah Jawa, Flores, Aceh, hingga Papua dan berbagai tanah nusantara lainnya, mampu mengobati lelah selepas rutinitas sehari-hari.

Pelbagai sajian kopi semisal Black Coffee, Cappuccino, Café, Vanila, Caramel, hingga Hazelnut Latte dan banyak varian lainnya bisa menjadi pilihan penikmat santai sore. Selain kopi, Greenwood Coffee juga menyuguhkan manisnya minuman cokelat seperti Choco Hazelnut, Chocomint, dan Chocomellow. Ada juga bermacam teh yang nikmat diminum hangat dan dingin.Untuk menggerus rasa lapar, kedai yang buka sejak jam 4 sore ini juga menghidangkan sosis, kentang, dan nuget goreng, plus aneka camilan lainnya.

Pecinta kuliner unik juga bisa menikmati Chocopot. Eits, jangan keliru ya, meski disajikan dalam wadah menyerupai pot bunga mungil lengkap dengan tanah dan daun, Chocopot bukan tanaman asli lho, melainkan sajian potongan kue brownies cokelat dibalut es krim bertabur serbuk biskuit oreo dengan hiasan jelly warna-warni. Harga minuman dan makanan di Greenwood Coffee dibanderol cukup terjangkau, dari Rp20.000 hingga Rp60.000. “Jika bosan dengan kepenatan Jakarta, Greenwood Coffee bisa menjadi tempat santai yang pas,” tutur Ilham.

sumber : Ngopi Hijau di Greenwood Coffee

Teks & Foto: Syarifah Nur Aida